Town & Country service manager

Town & Country Preowned Auto Mall Service Manager Mike Byus is ready to welcome customers at 400 First Ave., Nitro. Town & Country is one of the few used car dealerships in the area with its own service department.

Henry Marino’s Town & Country Preowned Auto Mall in Nitro stands out as one of the few used car dealers in the region that has its own service department. And it’s open to the public, regardless of where they bought their vehicles.

Open five days a week, the service department is “here to serve your needs,” Henry Marino said.

“It’s for in-house (work), plus we’ll service other people’s cars that come in off the street,” said Service Manager Mike Byus. “Just like a regular garage.”

Located at 400 First Ave., near the foot of the Richard J. “Dick” Henderson Memorial Bridge, the Town & Country Preowned Auto Mall Service Department can handle most jobs, Byus said.

Plus, every vehicle sold at Town & Country Preowned Auto Mall is checked out thoroughly by the service department’s certified mechanics.

“Everything out here is run through the garage,” Byus said.

Those multipoint inspections cover critical aspects of each vehicle.

“Most important of all, it has to pass a West Virginia State Inspection before we put a sticker on it and put it out on the lot.”

Town & Country’s service department can handle just about any routine maintenance or repair job, and it also can outfit your vehicle with tires, if needed.

“We sell tires and install tires,” he said.

Tune-ups are also offered, as well as oil changes, chassis work, fuel pumps and brake work, to name just a few.

Byus said used cars today are much more reliable than in years past.

“A lot of the cars are so good anymore, that you just do routine maintenance and put brakes on them. A lot of cars come in here with 150,000 miles and don’t need nothing but brakes. Most cars anymore don’t need tune-ups, other than spark plugs, because they don’t have wires and distributors. Cars have gotten really good. They’re more complex, but they’re better cars.”

For example, Byus said a modern car with 200,000 miles on the odometer is as good as a vehicle with 100,000 miles, thanks to technology.

“Two hundred thousand miles is not out of the ordinary. I’ve seen them in here with 300,000 and 400,000 miles.”

Everything is computerized these days, Byus said, and it’s very advanced.

“The first thing you do is grab the computer to diagnose it (the problem). It pretty much diagnoses itself, but you’ve still got to know how to read it. The computer in a car is more powerful and capable than the computer that launched the original Apollo moon mission.”

Town & Country’s service department can work on both foreign and domestic vehicles, but most of the work they do is on domestic-made vehicles.

Now that winter is here, Byus recommends that vehicle owners check some of the vital components that can be affected by cold weather.

“You need to check the battery to make sure it’s good, because any extremes – hot or cold – will kill your battery,” he said.

And make sure your car’s antifreeze is adequate for winter temperatures.

“Make sure it’s up for very cold temperatures. You want to see 30 below, if possible, because on a cold day with zero degree temperature, with the wind blowing, it automatically goes to 50 below.”

The Town & Country Service Department is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Appointments are preferred, but for those who drive in without an appointment, if there’s room, they’ll take your car in.

“A lot of people drop off for an oil change, leave it for an hour and then come back and get it,” Byus said.

Customer service comes first at Town & Country’s service department.

“Treat people the way you’d want to be treated, and they’ll come back every time.”

For more information about Town & Country Preowned Auto Mall or its service department, call 304-722-7171. The web address is