Hurricane Chevy

Hurricane Chevrolet Service Manager James Wisman, left, confers with service technician Matt Hedrick. Hurricane Chevrolet, just off the Hurricane exit of Interstate 64, offers free, multipoint winter inspections with every oil change and tire rotation service.

With winter driving on the horizon, now is the time to take your car, truck or SUV to Hurricane Chevrolet’s service department for a cold weather checkup.

Located just off the Hurricane exit of Interstate 64, Hurricane Chevrolet has an experienced team of trained and certified service technicians and support staff ready to get your vehicle ready for winter driving.

Service Manager James Wisman said it’s important to have your vehicle “winterized” to make sure no unpleasant surprises pop up on snowy highways.

“This is a great time to do it, right before it gets too cold,” Wisman said. “Cold weather is hard on everything.”

The winter weather makeover for your vehicle includes a number of checks.

“We do a multipoint inspection — we’ll check all your fluids, check your tires and check your battery to make sure your battery is still up,” he said.

The multipoint inspection also includes a check of your vehicle’s coolant level to make sure it’s adequate for colder-weather operating temperatures.

The multipoint inspection is free with every oil change and tire rotation service. For smaller vehicles, the cost is $39.95.

“With that, we include the multipoint inspection. We do that year-round — we’ll check everything out.”

Wisman said one of the most important parts of a vehicle to check during cold weather is the battery.

“With winter coming on, cold weather is hard on batteries. It won’t always give you the telltale signs. You’ll start losing amperage more than voltage. Amperage is what makes your car run,” he said.

Some obvious signs of a battery in decline are leakage and corrosion on the terminals.

“Any time you see corrosion on the terminals, it means you’re not getting a good seal or a good, tight fit.”

Wisman said another warning sign that your vehicle’s battery is going bad is headlights dimming.

He said batteries are generally rated to last anywhere from three to five years.

“After five years, they should definitely start checking it if it’s getting in that (age) area,” he said.

Another part of a winter checkup is making sure your vehicle’s wiper blades are in good shape. A good winter wiper blade should be covered in rubber.

“That way, when they freeze, they won’t stick in one position and get loss of movement.”

Along with checking wiper blades, a vehicle’s washer fluid level should also be examined.

“When you do an oil change and tire rotation, we fill up your washer fluid and check all your fluids,” Wisman said, adding that manufacturers make washer fluids for summer and for winter.

For winter, “ours is good to 20 below zero.”

Additionally, your vehicle’s tires should be checked for proper pressure and to see if there’s any cracking present.

If you need new tires for your vehicle, Hurricane Chevrolet has them.

“We do a price match guarantee on tires; if you find a tire anywhere in the area for a price, we can match or beat it,” Wisman said.

Cold weather means more potholes, too, so vehicles owners should be aware of alignment problems.

“We have just updated our alignment machine — our computers have the latest models for alignments.”

Wisman said the Hurricane Chevrolet service department can work on just about any make or model of vehicle.

“Other than some imports, we can make the same deal on just about any car,” he said. “We’re good for about any of the manufacturers.”

As an added incentive, Hurricane Chevrolet also offers the “Rev Rewards” program, which awards points and complimentary benefits for various services.

“There’s different perks for different levels; the more you use it, the more you earn.”

For example, earn Rev Rewards points for such winter specials as the Winter Ready Package.

Your vehicle is in trusted hands at the Hurricane Chevrolet service department.

“We have GM Master Certified techs, and all our techs are ASE-trained,” he said.

The Hurricane Chevrolet service department is open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, with vehicle pickup available until 5:30 p.m.

To schedule an appointment, call 304-397-5277 or visit