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Standing next to a new Jeep Gladiator truck that’s being customized into a special “G Package” at Stephens Auto Center are the service and parts department team. From left: Jeff Woodrum, Greg McCallister, Mike Wilson, Robert Keffer, Cody Nichols, Ronald Wilson, Clayton Dillon, Steven Young and Service Manager Robert Mullins.

As a dealership for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Ford, Stephens Auto Center, on Corridor G near Danville, offers all the latest vehicles from those manufacturers, as well as a service department and parts department staffed by highly trained professionals.

For service after the sale — on both new and used vehicles — Stephens Auto Center’s service department is the place to go for trusted maintenance and repair work.

Service Manager Robert Mullins leads a team of five certified technicians: Cody Nichols, Steven Young, Greg McCallister, Ronald Wilson and Mike Wilson.

“They’re certified through Ford and Chrysler,” Mullins said. “Initially, they go through a set curriculum, and then after they complete all those, there are refresher courses, obviously, when new products or procedures come out.”

The Stephens Auto Center technicians complete most of the refresher courses online, but sometimes they need to travel for “live training” at out-of-state facilities.

“The Ford one is in Ohio, and the Chrysler one is in Pittsburgh,” Mullins said.

Given the level of technology in today’s vehicles, it’s more important than ever for automotive technicians to stay current in their training.

“Diagnostics are pretty much all done with computers. There’s a lot of electronics; it’s very technical nowadays, for sure.”

The Stephens Auto Center Service Department performs warranty work on all Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram and Ford vehicles, but it can also service other manufacturers’ products.

“We can do maintenance on any make of vehicle,” he said.

Mullins, who has nearly 30 years of experience, said vehicle owners should prepare their cars, trucks and SUVs for the upcoming winter months.

Among other things, “in cold weather, you want to make sure and get your antifreeze protection checked.”

The condition of your vehicles’ tires is another important consideration during winter driving, as is the condition of your car’s battery.

“And you want to be sure to carry a safety kit with you — cold weather gear — in case you break down,” he said.

No matter what the season, the Stephens Auto Center Service Department team performs a thorough inspection of each vehicle that comes into the shop.

“When someone comes in here for service, we do what’s called a multi-point inspection. It’s free to the customer. We check the fluids, battery condition, tires — everything visible to check — to see if there’s any issues that need addressed.”

Trucks and SUVs are popular in the Mountain State, so Stephens Auto Center’s Service Department sees its fair share of them in the shop.

Mullins attributes their popularity to improved ride and handling characteristics.

“Your trucks and SUVs now are so luxurious. They ride like a car, and they’re more functional.”

For truck and SUV enthusiasts, Stephens Auto Center’s Service Department can customize them for unique looks and utility. They can turn your Ram, Ford or Jeep into an eye-catching showpiece.

Dubbed the “G Package” because of the dealership’s location on Corridor G, the in-house customizations are popular with customers.

“We’ve really started pushing it here lately. We install lift kits, leveling kits, wheels, tires and accessories.”

Mullins said most customers opting for the G Package have their own ideas and visions for what they want their vehicles to look like.

Sometimes, the service department staff will take a new vehicle, such as a Jeep, and customize it before putting it on the lot for sale, Mullins said.

In fact, at press time, the service department was busy customizing a new Jeep Gladiator truck.

The Stephens Auto Center Service Department is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Stephens Auto Center is an easy drive down Corridor G, just about 20 minutes past the Southridge Center.

For more information, call 304-369-2411 or visit